Carter Murray on leadership in today’s world by TIE Unearthed • A podcast on Anchor


When I was last in New York I met with my friend Carter Murray, Global Chief Executive Officer of FCB, one of the world’s largest global advertising agency networks. Carter oversees the agency’s 120 offices in 80 countries, so as you can imagine, Carter has a lot to say about leadership. Carter is someone that I really look up to. Not only literally, as he stands at about 6′7″ tall, but also because of his leadership and values. When we last met we talked about cultural intelligence and diversity and what makes successful leaders. And as always, I was inspired. And today, post Covid, I was keen to know how things have changed in the corporate world from his point of view. Carter gets pretty choked up talking about his Covid experience. I ask him how organisational culture has changed. If he still values the same things. And what sort of leaders he’s looking for now. This is a super-heart felt chat you don’t want to miss. What are the Tools You Need to Lead in today’s world? Have a listen and be inspired. Find out more about TIE here: and TIE Accelerator here: